Cherrybomb Parlour Is Moving Soon

So welcome to my blog!  You will get to hear all my ramblings & updates of what’s happening in my world of beauty.  Well,  first of all,  the secret is out….Cherrybomb Beauty Parlour is on the move!  After 4 years operating from my husbands shed we are flying the coop from Belmont to the cozy l’il strip in Lathlain.  Nestled next to Kettle Cafe & 2 doors down from The Ecclectic Squirrels will be our new home. Hopefully & fingers crossed we will open our newly renovated digs Thursday 23rd July.

Only a 6 minute drive from our current location we won’t be far at all!  After working from home the past 11 years,  6 minutes is all I can handle….hahaha!!  We are soooo excited to be moving & can’t wait to see y’all there.  😉

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